A Bit About Myself

I'm a creator at heart. Particularly when it comes to building cool websites, writing news articles or blog posts and especially when it comes to forging new businesses. Creating interesting things is part of my identity and transforming ideas into compelling, tangible creations that can be enjoyed by others is what motivates me day after day.

In fact, many of my hobbies and interests have spun into their own companies and projects including TrueResident — an interactive Hamilton exploration website, Cekan Group — a property management group, active blogs, and a career in real estate.

I'm proud to be a born and raised Hamiltonian who's not only in touch with the pulse of the city but active in the community I love to serve. I believe in Hamilton, and I believe I can be part of our city's success.

Rediscover Hamilton with TrueResident

TrueResident is a community website for Hamiltonians to rediscover the city's best fun, local businesses and activities. We curate what we believe are genuinely awesome Hamilton experiences that better connect residents to the local scene.

With regular news articles, interviews with local business owners, and unique challenge lists that reward users with badges, TrueResident is the home of all things awesome in Hamilton.

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Real Estate and Property Management

If you need any assistance with real estate, allow me to be your guide! My years of experience in trading property and property management have made me well-versed in several aspects of real estate including selling, investing, renovating, flipping and leasing.

Transparency is very important to me and I've created a method for all clients to track their deals online and watch me transact through their listing. This way, clients can be assured that they are being met with the highest level of diligence.

I believe that the key to success in real estate is maintaining an authentic relationship with every one of my clients. My goal is to create a returning experience for all homeowners and investors by providing a high level of dedication, transparency and client involvement. My slogan “You Seek, We Can” is more than a catchphrase – it’s a promise to excellent service.

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I Really Like to Write

The main outlets for my writing passion are through my personal travel blog and as primary writer of TrueResident News.

Robert Cekan Travels is my personal travel blog where I retell my experiences and adventures around the globe.

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TrueResident News is a Hamilton community blog run by passionate Hamiltonians. I’m a regular contributor to newsworthy local topics, top 10 lists, and interviews with Hamilton business owners.

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